What is Adobe Captivate?

Is your searching for the right eLearning authoring tool for yourself? Where you need to showcase your designing skills as well as keep the advanced content simple. It’s certainly a difficult task. Not all eLearning tool gives you the option to design your content and keep it simple for the end-user. Adobe Captivate has many options from Text Caption, Smart Shapes, interactive Buttons to eLearning widgets and Interactions. These are very helpful features keeping the content simple and easy to understand. Here are a few features that would help you understand, what is Adobe Captivate?

Need a great eLearning Authoring tool?

Your search should end here. In short, Adobe Captivate is a very powerful eLearning authoring and designing tool. If you have a requirement of creating an eLearning course or content. Adobe Captivate will always block your way for consideration. Unlike other competitors, iSpring Suite, Articulate Storyline or Articulate Studio Adobe Captivate is a standalone software and it does not have a dependency on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Capabilities of Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate helps you create Software Simulation(Simulation-based), Software Demonstration(Video demonstration), quizzing, creating Storyboard, generating LMS (Learning Management System) friendly output in Responsive HTML5. Adobe Captivate does have capabilities of producing executable file those are based on SWF. And most importantly, you can create your iOS and Android Applications without any knowledge of these platforms. You can also produce PDF (SWF-based), Microsoft word files, and MP4 videos with one click. In the recent release of Adobe Captivate 2019, Adobe has introduced great features i.e. Creating a Virtual Reality project. You can also insert Interactive videos and ask a question in the middle of the video. That sounds great! The above capabilities make Adobe Captivate much more powerful than any other product available at this time in the industry.

How to Learn Adobe Captivate?

First of all, I would suggest you download a 30 day trial for Adobe Captivate. You can find all the versions listed here on our website. Once you have Adobe Captivate installed, you can start exploring all the options. Although, Adobe Captivate is one of the greatest tools available for eLearning content authoring. But it’s the easiest one to learn. We have started our blog and Youtube Channel on Adobe Captivate for tips and tricks. We always try to share the tricks we have learned while working with Captivate.
In addition, we offer Online and offline Classroom Training on Adobe Captivate’s latest versions. We offer various types of classes on Adobe Captivate at Beginners, Semi-Advanced, and Advanced levels.
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