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How to print learner’s name on Certificate widget in Adobe Captivate?


Once the learner or user complete a training or a course, they want some sort of attestation, best election in that case is a Certificate. Whats even better is a personalized certificate with learner’s name printed on it. To accomplish that, we can simply use certificate widget provided in Adobe Captivate. You can insert it from Interactions> Learning Interactions. Once we add the certificate, we would like it to print the user’s name. So, question here is, How to print learners’s name on Certificate widget in Adobe Captivate? Well, it’s not that difficult. Adobe Captivate being an  powerful eLearning authoring tool that offers you a whole lot of ways to edit things, you just need to know how to make those edits. For printing user name on certificate widget, I will share detailed instructions.

Understanding variables in Adobe Captivate

As the name implies, you can change the value of a variable and very simple, therefore we need to know how to change it and which one we need to use. By default Adobe Captivate uses the variable name cpInfoStudentName to save student’s name. This name can be picked from your Learning Management System you are using any. But if Captivate project is unable to do pick name from your LMS, you can manually assign a value to this variable.

How to print learner’s name on Certificate widget in Adobe Captivate?

To achieve it, we can use Text Entry box feature in Adobe Captivate. You can add an Text Entry Box, and ask the learner to put their name before staring the project. Once you add a Text Entry Box, you need assign the variable cpInfoStudentName from properties pod. Now, when the user will type the name inside the Text Entry Box while attempting the project, this name will be assigned inside the variable cpInfoStudentName. By default this variable value will be printed on the certificate widget. Finally, I am also sharing a video tutorial published on YouTube for better understanding:

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