Adobe Captivate 2019 essential training

Adobe Captivate 2019 essential training Adobe Captivate has become very popular among instructional designers and e-Learning and m-Learning content developers in recent years. It requires lots of effort to become an Adobe Captivate expert. And Adobe Captivate 2019 essential training is the program to help you with the challenges and master them. Captivate is definitely […]

Adobe Captivate 2019 is now released!!

Adobe Captivate 2019 is now released We were only discussing, when Adobe may release a new version of Adobe Captivate a few weeks back on our Adobe Captivate Blog. However, we were expecting the release in September of October this year. But Adobe announced a new version of Adobe Captivate 2019 version 11 today on […]

What is Adobe Captivate?

What is Adobe Captivate? Is your searching for the right eLearning authoring tool for yourself? Where you need to showcase your designing skills as well as keep the advanced content simple. It’s certainly a difficult task. Not all eLearning tool gives you the option to design your content and keep it simple for the end-user. […]

How to Replay a slide or content in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is a very powerful tool for eLearning content designing or development. When I say powerful that means, Captivate allows you to perform the same action in many different ways. Depending upon your requirement, you can simply choose which one will work best for you. While designing content for my client I fell into […]

Download Adobe Captivate updates

Download Adobe Captivate updates (Apply for Captivate version 2017,9,8,7,6)   Patch/Update For… OS Download link More information (2017 release) Patch ( All customers on Mac and Windows Win 32-bit (342 MB) 64-bit (354 MB) Mac OS (579 MB) Click here 9 Patch ( All customers on on or or or or Mac […]