Adobe Captivate Essential training – Introduction to Adobe Captivate (Adobe Captivate 2019)

First of all, let me share why it’s an essential training program. For learning and developing your skills around Adobe Captivate, you need hands-on practice. Adobe Captivate is a great eLearning authoring tool in the industry. This program aims to help you design eLearning content for Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. Most importantly, Adobe Captivate has the capability for designing Responsive mLearning content, therefore it ensures a great learning experience for all types of devices. For this reason, Adobe Captivate is the first choice for instructional designer professionals. Hence “Adobe Captivate Essential training – Introduction to Adobe Captivate” is essential for developing your skills.

About: Adobe Captivate essential training

Adobe Captivate essential training program covers step by step creation of eLearning projects. In this program, you will learn to create Software simulation, Demonstration, and VR-compatible projects. How to created Interactive HTML5 and SWF-based projects and courses using Captivate. We aim to cover best practices for Adobe Captivate in this Captivate essential training program. You will learn the newly introduced features of Adobe Captivate 2019 as well as the rest of the other features from old versions. Above all, Adobe Captivate Essential training – Introduction to Adobe Captivate takes a deep dive into the workflow of Adobe Captivate and makes you understand how to make the most out of it.

Who should learn Adobe Captivate?

Anyone from a technical or non-technical background, Instructional Designers, Teachers, YouTube video bloggers, Business users. We recommend Adobe Captivate for people who want to create Software Demonstrations, Classroom training, corporate training, and gaming-based courses that can play across devices. Adobe Captivate also has capabilities for importing MS PowerPoint presentations and converting them into interactive projects. Hence, if you have experience working with MS PowerPoint, it will be easier for you to create a very first project with Adobe Captivate.

Course Details: Adobe Captivate essential training

Checkpoint: Details of the curriculum for Adobe Captivate Essential Training may vary depending upon the learner’s skill level. Before starting the training we will conduct a session to assess your level. We will be covering our training session in the below sections:

Chapter 1: What is Adobe Captivate? Let’s Explore!

  • Downloading and Installing Captivate
  • Understanding Captivate projects and it’s capabilities
  • Workspace: How to reset and customize
  • An understanding between different project outputs

Chapter 2: Starting with a blank project

In this lesson, we will discuss all type of project and discuss the advantages and disadvantages
  • Starting new project
  • Adding the different type of objects
  • Discussing properties for objects

Chapter 3: Understanding Text Captions, Customization, Object Style Manager, and Timeline

  • Properties of Text Caption
  • Modifying Default Styles and configuring global styles
  • Understanding project and objects timing
  • Controlling the timing of project and objects
  • Alignment of objects

Chapter 4: Creating Video Demo and Simulations

  • Difference between Demo and Simulation
  • Understanding the settings for Demonstration and Simulation
  • Best practices for creating Simulation and Demonstration
  • Different modes of recording

Chapter 5: Working with Images and Smart Shapes

  • Inserting, re-sizing, and cropping images on Slides
  • Inserting Captivate Library and ELB library images in Captivate project
  • Using Adobe Stock images in Project
  • Importing Photoshop images and working with layers
  • Creating Images SlideShow project
  • Re-using images from Library
  • Inserting Smart shapes and its properties

Chapter 6: Buttons, Highlighted Box, Mouse Pointers and its Paths

  • Using Buttons in the project
  • Understanding the importance and usages of buttons
  • Adding mouse path and edit them
  • Adding Highlight Box

Chapter 7: Working with Text Rollovers and Zoom

  • Inserting Rollover Caption, Image, and Slidelets
  • Using a Zoom area

Chapter 8: Templates, Master Pages

  • Creating a project template
  • Using Captivate template for new projects
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Best practices for templates and master pages

Chapter 9: Using Interactive objects to control project

  • Pausing slide at a particular time
  • Understanding interactivity for Click Boxes, Buttons, and Smart Shapes
  • The best use case of objects on the slide

Chapter 10: Importing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

  • How to import PowerPoint presentation
  • How to edit Powerpoint presentation and round-tripping
  • Re-scaling your project

Chapter 11: Importing Audio and Video

  • Importing audio on slide and project
  • Adding background audio
  • Editing audio in Captivate
  • Recording audio and editing
  • Importing video as Slide video and Event video
  • Using a YouTube video in the project

Chapter 12: Quiz in Captivate

  • Adding the different type of Quiz questions
  • Changing Quiz style and theme
  • Setting Question pool for the quiz
  • Importing Quiz questions using GIFT file
  • Setting Quiz preferences for the project

Chapter 13: Project settings

  • Apply and editing skin
  • Adding a Table of Content

Chapter 14: Publishing the project

  • Publishing project
  • Publishing SWF, HTML5, PDF, and MS Word output with SCORM, AICC compliant output
  • Uploading a project to an LMS(Learning Management System)

Adobe Captivate Essential training – Introduction to Adobe Captivate, is an introduction to the Adobe Captivate training program. We also conduct training programs at the advanced level. For all types of training inquiry please feel free to write us at [email protected]