Adobe Captivate 2019 essential training

Adobe Captivate has become very popular among instructional designers and e-Learning and m-Learning content developers in recent years. It requires lots of effort to become an Adobe Captivate expert. And Adobe Captivate 2019 essential training is the program to help you with the challenges and master them. Captivate is definitely not that easy to master if you are comparing it with other e-Learning programs. Therefore, we have introduced an Adobe Captivate essential training for Adobe Captivate 2019. In this training program, we will be covering all new features of Adobe Captivate 2019 as well as basic and advanced techniques. However, Captivate has its own virtue in the e-Learning industry. That is why everyone wants to master their skills on Adobe Captivate. And Adobe Captivate 2019 – an essential training program that focuses on almost every aspect of this product. We continuously share tutorials on Adobe Captivate on your Blog and YouTube Channel. Over the years Adobe has introduced many features and more recently Adobe has focused on responsive designs. Adobe Captivate 2019, also focuses on responsive projects. Now Adobe Captivate allows you to import MS PowerPoint projects in responsive projects. This is a great step towards a responsive design strategy from Adobe.

Who should enroll for Adobe Captivate 2019 essential training

Students, Professionals, Instructional Designers and Trainers or anyone who wants to create online eLearning content can join Adobe Captivate 2019 essential training program. eLearning or mLearning content is the future of learning and this area has limitless opportunities at this moment. Therefore, you will find numerous working opportunities for the eLearning industry.

Mode of training

At eLearningPundits, we offer an Online and Offline Classroom training program for Adobe Captivate. Please contact our team for more information on all training programs [email protected]

Topics to be covered

We will take deep dive into, all new features introduced in the latest version of Adobe Captivate 2019. Similarly, we will take a look at all features that were introduced over the years. Above all, we will cover the features listed here in our Adobe Captivate essential training here.